Lockyer Creek Catchment

Report Card legend
Catchment Facts
  • Total area: 2,974km2
  • Stream network length: 6,056km
  • Local Councils: Toowoomba Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council, Ipswich City Council
  • Dominant land uses: native bush, grazing, intensive agriculture, rural residential
  • The upper catchment remains forested
  • Mid and lower catchment has been largely cleared
  • The catchment has the highest proportion of land used for intensive agriculture in SEQ; irrigation has regulated water flow and changed groundwater dynamics
  • Numerous impoundments are present in the catchment
  • Instability of stream banks and gully erosion due to degradation of the riparian vegetation
Freshwater results
DLockyer Catchment   
  • Streams generally in poor condition despite increases in physical/chemical, macroinvertebrates and fish indicators.

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