EHMP Review

The Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program (EHMP) Review was completed by an independent Review Panel and the full report is avaiable to download (1.69 MB)pdf icon

The Review Panel developed a number of recommendations grouped as:

• One overarching recommendation for a broader monitoring and evaluation framework
• Four strategic recommendations to underpin implementation of the overarching recommendation
• Eighteen specific recommendations about the EHMP which respond to the review Terms of Reference.

The EHMP Review report and its recommendations have received positive feedback and support from Healthy Waterways Partners.

EHMP framework diagramOne specific task identified in the review process was the need to enhance the efficiency of the current sampling program.

In addition, whilst the review looked at the current program, a number of additional recommendations were raised by Partners such as monitoring of drivers and pressures, management actions and human health risks.

These recommendations have been summarised into a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (left) which will be used in the development of the EHMP business case to extend the program.

Two working groups will be formed to assist in the development of the EHMP business case. These groups will prioritise and scope the tasks required to move forward with the recommendations in the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. 
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(2.98 MB) pdf icon

The first working group will consist of representatives from Partner organisations of the Healthy Waterways Network. The second group will be formed from members of the EHMP Scientific Expert Panel, to guide the technical needs.

For further information, please contact Naomi Soustal.