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DPI & F Strawberry Best Practice

DPI & F Strawberry Best Practice Management Guide (887KB) Grazing benchmarking report 2009/2010 (661 KB)
Grower tour to European controlled traffic farming workshop and related farms (370KB) Sediment removal from horticultural production fields report 2010 (2.14 MB)  
 Horticultural and cropping benchmark update  2008/2009 (514 KB)  
Pumicestone Catchment spent litter audit 2010
(1.56 MB)
 Combined catchments biophysical characteristics report 2009 (661 KB)
 Pumicestone benchmarking report 2010 (746 KB)
 Benchmarking current mgmt practices 2009 (729 KB)  Horticultural and cropping benchmark update 2010 (366 KB)

Posters Newsletters
Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping
FarmFLOW - Saving Soil Loss and Input Costs by Retaining Cover in Horticulture Production (204KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping
FarmFLOW - Economic and Water Quality Benefits from improved grazing land management (197KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping

FarmFLOW Framework - Sustainable Production Systems Extension for Healthier Waterways (189KB) 

Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping
Do we know what we are buying? (225KB)
HC Hort Report SEQ Hort Report - February 2011
 HC Hort ReportSEQ Hort Report - November 2010
 HC Hort ReportSEQ Hort Report - July 2010
HC Hort Report SEQ Hort Report - August 2009
 HC Hort ReportSEQ Hort Report - December 2009 
 HC Hort Report

Veg NutriCalc Fertiliser use efficiency calculator
Calculator tool (excel 1M)
Calculator tool guidelines (485 KB)

Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingUsing poultry litter to grow green couch turf (544KB)
 Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingControlling machinery traffic in vegetables (610KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping 
What's living in your soil (625 KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingHorticulture Management Practices (1.09 MB)
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingHorticulture ABCD Framework (411 KB) 
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingControlled traffic farming (381 KB) 
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingErosion in macadamia orchards (652 KB) 
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingWhat do our living soils do (422 KB) 
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingPre-plant nitrate efficiency for pineapples (422 KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and CroppingGrazing Land Management Framework (267 KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping
Optimising nitrogen fertiliser use efficiency in vegetables (394 KB)
Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping 
Riparian Management (252 KB)

Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping 

Monitoring sediment loss in horticulture (404KB)

 Drip Irrigation Trial  

Incentive Package (55KB)
 Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping 

Sustainable Horticulture and Cropping (2.6MB)

Controlled Resease Fertiliser 

Controlled Release Fertiliser (303KB)

Living Mulch: What is it?  Living Mulch: What is it? (328KB)
Living Mulch: Disease and erosion research  Living Mulch:Disease and erosion research (331KB)
Living Mulch: Disease and erosion research  Living Mulch: Establishment (305KB)
Drip Irrigation Trial  Drip Irrigation Trial (308KB)
Vetiver Grass Trial  Vetiver Grass Trial (353KB)
  Understanding your grazed paddocks (325KB)




























Media Releases Media Articles
Funding to Improve SEQ waterways The Chronicle 28.09.09 (45KB)                          
Greater precision for nutrient management in Horticulture (12.6KB)   
Controlled traffic opportunities for Lockyer Valley growers (DPI & F) 
Controlled traffic workshop to boost horticulture production
and profits
(DPI & F)
How-to guide for strawberry growers (DPI & F) 
FarmFLOW Funding now flowing  (14.8 KB)  
Up to 40% fuel savings on SEQ vegetable farms