Flood Information

When it rains - mud, chemicals and litter are washed into stormwater drains and carried straight out into our waterways. If we don’t manage our catchments properly, floods can negatively affect waterway health and threaten aquatic plants and wildlife. 

What is a flood?

Floods are a natural, reoccurring process that have historically shaped the landscape of South East Queensland. South East Queensland’s sub-tropical climate makes it prone to weather that can cause flooding. Floods in our region are predominately caused by heavy rainfall, but may also be a result of swollen rivers or tidal surges.

There are two types of flooding that can occur:

  • Flash flooding refers to water coming ‘down’ and involves intense rainfall, rapid rise of water levels and high flows of water moving through the catchment.
  • River flooding refers to water coming ‘up’ and involves prolonged rainfall and slow rise of water levels.
Sherwood State School in January 2011 flood

Sherwood State School. Image courtesy of Heidi Den Ronden.