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Waterway monitoring tools

Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program (EHMP) methods
The EHMP web pages have downloadable data on the indicators and methods used for monitoring. This includes detail on why indicators such as pH, electrical conductivity, fish and algal growth are measured and what information these measures give about ecosystem health. There are different indicators for monitoring freshwater, estuarine and marine areas and rainfall events.

Queensland Community Waterway Monitoring Manual 2007
The manual has been designed to support the development and implementation of community based waterway monitoring programs. It provides technical information and guidance for planning, implementing and interpreting waterway monitoring activities.

Water bug and riparian vegetation snapshot (2003)
A series of resources have been put together to assist you to do a water bug (macro-invertebrate) 'snapshot' assessment which will give a rough indication of the health of your waterway. It is designed for those with limited experience in this type of assessment who are looking for basic monitoring techniques.

Waterwatch Australia National Technical Manual
Module 7 – Estuarine Monitoring

Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (2000)
An authoritative guide for setting water quality objectives required to sustain current, or likely future, environmental values [uses] for natural and semi-natural water resources in Australia and New Zealand.

Water Quality Online - National Action Plan Queensland Water Quality Program
A range of water quality guides, tools and software for interpreting water quality data and making decisions to assist development of natural resource management (NRM) plans and ongoing water quality and event monitoring.