Queensland Government funded project to restore waterwaysimage of Healthy Country catchments for South East Queensland

The $8 million ‘Healthy Country’ project supported communities, farmers and scientists to work together to improve water quality in South East Queensland’s catchments and Moreton Bay.

An estimated average of more than 315,000 tonnes of sediment is discharged to Moreton Bay each year from various sources across South East Queensland.

The four-year Healthy Country project focused on ways to reduce sediments and nutrients entering our waterways locally and in the Bay.

The focus was on three priority catchments, Logan and Bremer Rivers and Lockyer Creek, which have been shown to contribute the majority of sediment to Moreton Bay.

There were four sub-projects under Healthy Country led by:

The project focused on reducing non-urban diffuse source pollutant loads that were identified in the SEQ Healthy Waterways Strategy as a major contributor to poor water quality and reduced aquatic ecosystem health.


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