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Best Marine Water Softeners in Australia- Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide!

Are you searching for the best marine water softeners in Australia and want to buy a new one for your travels? If yes, read on. You have landed on the right page. In this review, we will list the 3 best marine water softeners in Australia for you to choose from. We will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of marine water softeners in Australia and much more.

A marine water softener works just like a normal water softener. It turns hard water into soft water. But the only difference is that while a traditional water softening system is not portable, this one is. With a marine water softener, you can have access to soft water no matter where you go.

When you travel in your RV or your boat, chances are that you will discover a place that has a hard water source. Hard water is water that contains large quantities of minerals and metals.

Water naturally contains some minerals which are healthy for us. The problem occurs when these minerals are present in high quantities in the water. Too much of these minerals and even toxic metals in the water are harmful to human health.

This is where best water softeners in Australia step in and save the day. They remove the excess minerals and metals from the water, making it safe and healthy for us. And marine water softeners make it possible for you to have soft water wherever you travel to.

However, it’s vital that you have a quality marine water softener. Poor quality softener can break down sooner and cost you more in the long run.

To help you choose the best marine water softener, we have put together this list. Our recommendations are based on a critical analysis of each softener, in-depth market research, brand reputation, and customer reviews.

Best Marine Water Softener – Top 3 Picks of Marine Water Softener

OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable RV Water Softener

OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable RV Best Marine Water Softener in Australia

In our extensive and in-depth market research, we have found this On The Go marine water softener to be one of the best. It is extremely convenient to carry and use, which is crucial because it allows you to transport it easily, no matter where you go. But what’s really impressive is its 16000-grain capacity, which is a lot more than some of the commercial marine softeners.

The high grain capacity of 16000 grains ensures that a large amount of hard metals and minerals will be eliminated from the water. This will also ensure that you have access to water that has a balanced pH and water that is safe to use. The 16000-grain capacity also increases the efficiency of the softener by supplying you 40 percent of soft water (for regeneration) in just 30 minutes and sometimes even less.

Softeners need soft water to regenerate so they can work optimally. With its high grain capacity, this softener ensures that it can stay in good health for many years to come. Each water softening cycle produces approximately 1600 gallons of water and the time this softener takes to complete each cycle is commendable. With its high capacity of producing 1600 gallons of water in little time, you can be sure that you will never run out of soft water.

We also love its robust and compact design and the fact that it does not take up too much space. Its space-saving quality makes it easy to carry around on your travels. It has a wide mouth opening to help you easily refill the system with salts. To add to that, it also comes with a built-in top handle, which allows you to lug around the softener.

With this softener, it’s also easier to get the fitting fixed as you can swivel it 360 degrees. You can also easily set this softener up in your RV or boat all by yourself. All the instruction you will need to do the DIY set up in the instruction manual/


  • 16000-grain capacity
  • Produces 1600 gallons of soft water in one cycle
  • Robust and compact design
  • Easy to set up
  • Designed for boats and RVs
  • Buy here

Mobile Soft Water Softener

Mobile Soft Best Marine Water Softener in Australia

Second, on our list is this premium-quality marine water softener that removes absolutely all hard minerals and metals from the water. It removes all excess magnesium and calcium in the water balancing the mineral content of the water. And it also removes all the iron and other hard metals from the water that are toxic to human health.

This is another user-friendly and practical marine water softener that comes with a 16000 grains capacity. What’s even more impressive is that it gives you 5 gallons of water per minute. This means this softener gives you approximately 22 liters of water per minute and 1320 liters of water per hour, which is more than enough to last you for a few days.

The softener is also easy to maintain as it regenerates smoothly and does not need any electricity for regeneration.


  • High grain capacity of 16000 grains
  • 5 gallons per minute
  • Easy to maintain and carry
  • Approved by National Sanitary Foundation
  • Safe to use
  • Removes all hard minerals and metals from water
  • Buy here

Pro Aqua Portable Mobile Water Softener

Pro Aqua Portable Mobile Best Marine Water Softener in Australia

Lastly, we have this high-quality marine water softener by Pro Aqua. When it comes to affordability, effectiveness, and efficiency, this is one of the most trusted softeners by the customers in the market. It’s a premium grade softener that removes all the hard minerals and metals from the water, giving you safe and clean water on the go.

If you spend most of the year traveling on your boar or in your RV, then this is the perfect option for you. This excellent softener provides 2000 gallons of soft water in each softening cycle. The 2000 gallons of soft water means you will have clean and healthy water for the next 40 days at least.

This softener’s design is compact, and it fits easily in a small boat or an RV. Not only that, but with two boxes of salt, this system can regenerate within just half an hour. So, you don’t have to wait for long for it to be ready for the next softening cycle.


  • 2000 gallons per softening cycle
  • Compact and practical design
  • Regenerates within half an hour
  • Easy to install with no downtime
  • Works with regular table salt
  • Buy here

Best Marine Water Softeners in Australia (Ultimate Guide And Review)

  • Marine Water Softener – What is it? What does a Water Softener do?

Even though its name might suggest that marine water softener is for boats, that is not the case. A marine water softener is also known as an ‘on the go’ water softener, which means they are portable water softeners. Traditional water softening units are designed for home or stationary use. In comparison, marine water softeners are designed for traveling purposes.

Just like a traditional water softener, a marine water softener also removes hard minerals and metals from the water, making it safe for you to use while you are in your vehicle. Whether you are on land or in the sea, a marine water softener will always provide you with safer and cleaner water no matter where you are traveling.

Just like the traditional water softeners, these ones too remove minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and lime for the water. Hard water causes serious damage to the pipes and plumbing system of the house. Similarly, hard water also causes severe damage to your RVs or boats’ pipes and plumbing system.

This happens because the excess minerals and metals from the hard water begin to form a build-up in pipes and other water appliances. The hard minerals and metals in the water also cause corrosion and a build-up of rust in your car, boat, or home’s plumbing system.

Having a marine water softener in your RV or boat will protect your vehicle’s pipes, plumbing system, and any other water appliances that are there. Your boat, RV, or mobile is saved from the mineral scaling that happens due to hard water. Not to mention, with a marine water softener, you will always have clean water to drink and cook whenever you go. Because consuming hard water by drinking or cooking isn’t too safe either and can cause severe health issues.

One of the main differences between a marine and a traditional softener is that the former has a more compact design. It does not take up much space, and you can conveniently carry it with you wherever you go. The marine softener does not need any electricity or accessories to work its magic. It is designed to carry around and be moved around a lot.

Best Marine water softeners in Australia are ideal for those of us who love to travel and have outdoor adventures often. They are also suitable for those who have mobile homes, RVs, boats, and people who go camping often. And in case of an emergency, these marine softeners are a useful back up for homeowners as well.

Investing in a quality marine water softener is a smart move. Whether you love outdoor adventures or are a homeowner, this system is a practical, smart, and lifesaving investment.

  • How Does A Marine Water Softener Work? 

A marine water softener works similarly to a traditional water softener. However, marine best water softeners in Australia are easier to use than regular water softeners. A regular garden hose works perfectly well for connecting marine water softeners. It’s extremely easy to set-up because the garden hose will easily connect your boat or RV to your dock faucet or local park.

Best Marine water softeners in Australia are charged, pre-assembled, and ready to work their water softening magic. What’s incredible about these systems is that they do not need any electricity or accessories to begin softening the water. And in many cases, you get the connectors with the kit when buying the softener. That said, it is always good and handy to have Teflon tape in your vehicle.

With marine softeners, you can have soft water anywhere you go, and they are compact than traditional softeners. But they work just like traditional softeners do. They remove harmful minerals and metals from the water, making the water safe and healthy t use for cooking, drinking, or for literally any other purpose.

Best Marine water softeners in Australia, just like the traditional softeners, have resin beads that contain salts. When hard water passes through the resin beads, the salts exchange places with ‘hardness ions’ ( ion-exchange process) present in the hard water. The hardness ions then stick to the resin beads where the salts used to be. The salts in the resin beads are now in the water instead of the hardness ions giving you soft water.

To facilitate the ion exchange process, the salts need to be refilled regularly so that the softener can regenerate itself. Some marine softeners regenerate automatically, and others don’t. Depending on which model and brand of marine softener you have, you might need to manually add the salts into the softener so that it can regenerate itself and get ready to soften the next batch of hard water.

The softener needs to regenerate itself because the resin beads attract the hardness ions from the hard water during the ion exchange process. The hardness ions get stick in the resin beads. If the hard minerals and metals are not regularly removed from the resin beads, there won’t be space for the hardness ions that come in with a new batch of hard water. And so, the softener cannot do what it was created to do.

As we said, many softeners regenerate themselves meaning they remove the hardness ions from the resin beads and flush them out of the system. But depending on your model, you might need to manually add salts to the resin beads to remove the hardness ions from there.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Marine Water Softeners in Australia 

Best Marine Water Softener in Australia FAQs

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Marine Water Softener?


One of the biggest and the most obvious benefits of having a marine water softener is that you have access to clean and safe water no matter where you are. If you love traveling in your boat or RV or camping or hiking, then these best marine water softeners  in Australia will be highly beneficial for you.

Most people who buy these softeners have them installed in their RVs, recreational vehicles, and boats. That is because marine softeners are known to completely eradicate the hardness of the water and especially because they are compact and easy to carry around. To add to that, installing these portable softeners is a breeze, and in most cases, you can do it yourself. If you cannot do it yourself, you can always hire a plumbing professional to do that job for you.

Because best marine water softeners make the water softer, they make that safer for you and your vehicle’s pipes and plumbing system. If you go out traveling and land up in the middle of nowhere or if you are in the middle of the sea, having safe water for consumption is a must. Investing in a marine water softener will ensure that you will have water that has a balance of minerals and is free of toxins and other chemicals.

As we said before, best marine water softeners in Australia also help in maintaining the health of your pipes, plumbing system, and other water appliances. They prevent the build-up of limescale and other metals in the pipe. And because marine softeners protect your pipes etc., they are also cost-effective and help you save money in the long run. This is because your pipes, water appliances, and plumbing system will be in good shape for a long time, and you won’t have to spend money on repairs and replacements.

Using soft water also increases the vibrancy of your sheets and clothes by approximately 60 percent. While hard water decreases lather, soft water increases the lather of your soaps and detergents. So, you won’t be spending more money on buying soaps, shampoos, and detergents as you will be using less of them.


Like with everyone and all products, marine water softeners also have some disadvantages. For example, because these systems use salts as the main ingredient to remove hard minerals and metals from the water, the water can be too salty for some. While some people do not mind the salty taste, others may not find it to their liking. For some, too much sodium may also pose a health risk.

Another reason why some do not choose to invest in mariner softeners is due to the possible high costs. The softeners themselves aren’t exceptionally expensive. But the long term costs of running and maintaining the softer might be much for some people.

And to give you a completely unbiased review, marine water softeners also do not disinfect the water 100 percent. You might also need to invest in a water filter that will remove other contaminants like viruses and bacteria from the water.

That said, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantage as a marine water softener is a smart and practical investment in the long run.

What Do I Need To Consider While Buying Best Marine Water Softeners in Australia? 


One of the most essential features you need to consider while buying a marine softener is its size. Assuming that you are buying this softener for your vehicle, you need one that is compact. Vehicles like boats and RVs are compact and do not have much space to waste. So ensure that you choose a softener that is compact and does not take up too much space.

Speaking of size, also consider the capacity of water the softener can hold. If you generally travel alone, then you might need a softener that can hold water for 1 or 2 people. But if you travel with friends and family, then you will need a softener for 4-5 people.

Hardness Level

Different brands and models of best water softeners in Australia can remove different levels of hardness from the water. If you are expecting to go to a place where the hardness of water is exceptionally high, then investing in one of the high-end marine water softeners is the best. The premium quality softeners can remove high levels of hardness from the water. In comparison, the low priced water softeners are only suitable for water that has a low level of hardness.

Water Softener Type

There are many different types of best water softeners in Australia. And choosing the right type of water softener is another important factor you need to consider. There are salt-based water softeners, and there are also salt-free water softening systems that work perfectly fine.

You will also find magnetic water softening systems and electronic water softening systems in the market. All of these different types of water softening systems have their advantages and disadvantages. To make the choice that best suits your needs and preference, carefully consider what each type of softener offers and then make a choice.

Grain Capacity

Apart from all the previous factors-to-consider that we have mentioned above, the softener’s grain capacity is perhaps one of the most important. The softener’s grain capacity is the quantity of contaminants, hard minerals, and metals the softener can remove from the water.

The higher the grain capacity, the cleaner and safer your water will be. Commercial and high-end marine softeners have a solid grain capacity of 15000 grains, so ensure that you’re not settling for less.


Once you buy a marine softener, the next part is about using it and then maintaining it. And how well you maintain it will determine how long the softener will last and how optimally it will perform. So while buying the softener, note down how it needs to be maintained and how often you need to clean, replenish, and maintain it.

While some marine softeners do not require daily maintenance, there are systems that do. For example, saltwater softeners require you to manually add salts to them to replenish and regenerate them on a regular basis. While buying the system, consider the costs of maintenance and whether that fits in your budget or not.


Having a high-quality marine water softener can allow you to travel peacefully without having to worry about have access to clean and safe water. A marine water softener will effectively and efficiently turn hard water, which contains an excess of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, etc., into soft water. This type of softener will give you clean and safe water no matter where you go.

We hope the 3 best marine water softeners in Australia list we have provided you with above has given you enough quality options to choose from. And we also hope that our elaborative buying guide has given you the right information to help you choose the best marine water softener for yourself.

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