Catchment Facts

  • Total area: 468km2
  • Stream network length: 795km
  • Local Councils: Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Dominant land uses: native bush, grazing, rural residential, urban, poultry farms, strawberry and pineapple farms
  • Upper catchment includes the undisturbed streams in the D’Aguilar National Park
  • The mid and upper catchment is characterised mostly by agricultural and rural residential areas
  • Two WWTPs discharge into the Caboolture River

Freshwater results

C+  Caboolture Catchment

  • Streams in fair condition
  • Improvements in physical and chemical, aquatic macroinvertebrate and fish indicators were offset by a substantial decline in the nutrient cycling indicator
  • Nutrient cycling was the lowest scoring indicator in both seasons

Estuarine results

D  Caboolture Estuary

  • Low dissolved oxygen levels in the middle reaches and elevated nutrients throughout the system
  • Higher freshwater inputs from the catchment resulting in lower salinity levels throughout the system compared to 2006-2007
  • Some intact natural riparian habitat in the intertidal zone but extensively impacted background riparian habitat