7 Best Water Softeners in Australia – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 2023)!

Are you looking to buy one of the best water softening systems in Australia? If yes, read on. You have stumbled upon the right page. In this review, we will list the 7 best water softening systems in Australia for you to choose from. Apart from that, we will also explore the importance and benefits of water softeners and much more.

Did you know that water that contains at least 60mg of calcium and magnesium can be classified as hard water? The presence of these minerals in the water is natural, but anything more than 50-60 mg is considered hard water. In fact, in some places, the water can contain up to 180 mg of these minerals, which can harm the surfaces they touch.

Hard water can make things very difficult as you cannot use it for cooking or bathing. So what is the solution to this problem? The solution is quite simple. All you need to do is install a quality water softening system, and you are good to go. The important thing here is it must be a high-quality system.

There are many water softening systems out there, and some of them aren’t really that good. We have put together this list because we don’t want you to waste your time and money on poor water softening systems. All the water softening systems we have recommended below are high-quality systems that will last you a long time and do the job well.

Our recommendations are based on in-depth market research, a critical analysis of each water softener, customer reviews, brand reputation, quality, and performance.

Do I Really Need A Water Softener, And Why?

A water softener is more essential than one might think. However, whether you need it or not depends on the type of water that you receive at your house. Most municipal or well water is hard water due to the presence of iron, calcium, magnesium, and other harsh chemicals. This type of water damages whatever surface it touches, like pipes, faucets, skin, hair, etc.


By now, you may be wondering, ‘how can I tell if the water supply at my house is hard water?’. Worry not; there are a few easy ways to tell if the water is hard or soft. One obvious way to tell if it is hard water is if it leaves white stains of minerals on your glassware. If you notice any white stains on your glassware, there is a high probability that the water is hard.

Another way to tell if the water is hard is by noticing how your skin and hair react to the water. If you notice unusual skin irritation or dry hair, it may be due to the hard water. The safest way to determine if the water is hard is by doing a proper test on it. You can do this by using your own hard water testing kit or sending it to a nearby testing lab.

Hard water leaves white or whitish-yellow traces on washed clothes, dishes, and faucets. This is perhaps the most common problem with hard water. It leaves behind a film and trace of the chemicals that it is left to dry on. Not only does it leave behind these chemical layers, but it also causes skin dryness and itchiness. And one of the work drawbacks of hard water is that it also causes hair fall and hair dryness.

These chemical deposits from the water also build up in the pipes and are the reason why you get to see limescale inside your showerheads and pipelines. When these chemicals begin to deposit in the pipes, it causes a major deterioration of the house’s whole water system. It can also damage the components of the water system if the pipes, showerheads, and faucets aren’t cleaned from time-to-time.

Due to the excess of iron, calcium, and magnesium in the water, rust and corrosion may also occur. Hard water also reduces the lather of the soap and shampoos, further reducing your hygiene quality. And lastly, hard water also adversely affects clothes by reducing their softness and shine.

Things To Consider While Buying – Best Water Softening Systems in Australia

In this section, we will share some expert tips regarding water softening systems. We will share with you some inside tips before you swipe your card and make the purchase. It is an important section, as you will understand more about the different water softening systems that are available and their different functions.

Before we proceed to the critical analysis of the best water softening systems we will mention below, we would like to give you some important but general buying tips. We hope that these insights will better help you make the right choice. Don’t just choose a water softener by what you see on the surface. Use these insights to dig beneath the surface and find out the real value of the water softener.

The first and most important tip and insight we want to share with you is regarding the one-piece water softener and the two-piece water softener. Overall, when you consider the quality, function, and price, a two-piece water softener is a much better choice. This is because they are cheaper than the one-piece water softeners. And not only that, its electronics, usually located on the top of the tank, are separate from the brine solution (high corrosive) present in the salt tank.

And so, the separate location of the electronics makes the two-piece water softeners a much safer option. The one-piece water softeners are more suitable for smaller households that do not have more than 2 people. This is naturally because the one-piece softeners can handle less load.

It also always better to buy a water softening system that is made with non-proprietary components. The water softening systems of well-known brands may indeed be of good quality. But sometimes it’s difficult to find their spare parts when you need to replace or change something. And that is why you are better off going for a unit whose parts are available in your local area. Many well-known brands also discontinue their products, which will make it even more difficult to find spare parts, say 10 years later.

And even when you are going for a local brand, go for an old and well-known one. Chances are that whatever issues they had with their previous models have been fixed. So, you get access to a more reliable, tried, and tested water softener. And if it is possible, look for a version similar to the industrial unit. Industrial units can soften way more water than a regular softener. They are also much more stable, sturdier, and durable.

Lastly, make sure the softener you choose is easy to maintain. You do not want to open up the entire unit just to service one part. And so, choose something that is easy to service and maintain.

Best Water Softening Systems in Australia Review – Top 7 Water Softener in Australia 2023

FutureSoft® Springwell Salt-Free Water Softener


This Springwell water softener makes it to the top of our best water softening systems list for many solid reasons. First, because it is made from the highest quality materials, which means it is guaranteed to last you a long time. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which further proves its superior quality.

As the name suggests, this softening system does not use salt to soften the water. It provides 99.96 percent scale prevention and does not use any chemicals or salt. We love it because it ensures that you do not have any drop in water pressure throughout your home.

This softener also does not waste any water and crystallizes the minerals in hard water. The crystallization prevents the build-up of chemicals in the pipes because they can no longer stick or bond. This salt-free system will increase the life of your household appliances by reversing the damage caused by corrosion.

What’s even more amazing is that this one does not need electricity to work, unlike many water softeners. You can buy this fantastic water softener from here.

SoftPro Elite High-Efficiency City Water Softeners


This SoftPro Water Softener is another amazing water softener that comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting its durable and sturdy build. It is a new and improved water softening system. We call it a highly efficient, next-generation water softening system due to its new and unique technology.

This fantastic system has a one-inch high-flow valve, which increases its efficiency even more. And not only that, but you can buy this softener in eight different grain capacities. The grain capacities range from 24000 to 110000. The LCD screen of this system is also super friendly and easy to operate.

Being easy to use and maintain makes it one of the best low maintenance water softening systems. There are also different filers available for this system. Depending on the filter you choose, this system will not only soften the water but also alkalize it. You can buy this water softener from here.

Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener


We highly recommend this Whole House water filter and softener for many good reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the best water softening systems because it can filter and soften 1000000 gallons of water. It is a long-lasting filtration and softening system that also comes with a lifetime warranty, further proving its superior quality.

Second, because it is easy to install with only basic plumbing help. Many water softeners do not remove contaminants from the water and only soften the water. This system takes it one step further and decontaminates the water from harsh chemicals, bacteria, and viruses.

It uses a unique high activity granular activated carbon that is made by a special process. The process involves the steam activation of selected coconut shell charcoal from which the carbon is derived. It is this carbon that effectively removes low molecular compounds and other unsafe substances from the water.

To maintain this system, all you need to do is change the pre-filter every 8-10 months, and you are good to go. You can buy this powerful water filtering and softening system here.

Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softener


While this Pelican water softener uses salt to soften the water, it does a phenomenal job and works really well. This incredible water softening system comes with a large tank and high-capacity resin. And the metered electric head is easy to program and comes with three modes of operations. It also has a solid-state microprocessor with easy front panel settings.

With 36 pre-programmable regeneration cycles and a high flow rate, this water softening system is truly one of the best. While the whole system comes with a 7-year warranty, the electric head comes with a lifetime warranty. This system also has a double backwash feature, which promises to give you enhanced regeneration. And the system also comes with a bypass valve. You can buy this water softener from here right away. 

Fleck 5600SXT Best Water Softening Systems


We love this Fleck water softener for its high-quality metered design. It has a solid-state SXT technology control valve and a grain capacity of up to 64000. Fleck’s unique technology increases the frequency of regeneration and ensures that you always have enough treated water at all times.

What’s even more impressive is that you have control over each stage of the regeneration cycle. With this water softening system, you are guaranteed better-tasting water, reduced monthly energy costs, increased life-span of your appliances, and so much more. This system uses the ion exchange process to remove the excess magnesium and calcium from the water.

Overall, this is an excellent product that is easy to use and comes at a reasonable cost. You can buy this water softening system from here.

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Water Softener


This fantastic iSpring water softener promises to solve all your hard water problems without using any chemicals or salt. It does this while also preserving the healthy minerals in the water. The system also prevents scale deposits from forming and allows existing scales and the build-up of chemicals to break down.

What’s even more impressive about this water softening system is that it descales your entire water system and tremendously reduces energy consumption. This softener is great for people who are on a salt-restricted diet. It is also for those with dry hair and skin due to hard water, as it is designed for very hard water areas.

You can buy this maintenance-free water softening system from here.

ABCwaters built Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener


Lastly, we have this premium-quality 2 in 1 Fleck-powered water softening system with an excellent carbon filter. It not only very effectively and efficiently softens water but also a unique carbon filtration system. This softening system has a whopping 48000 high grain capacity and uses an upgraded 10 percent cross-linked resin.

The unique up-flow carbon filtration process provides efficient filtration. But what we love more about this system is that up flow means backwash is not needed. And no backwash means the system does not require any electricity or a drain line. The up-flow carbon filtration system removes chloramines, pesticides chlorines, and everything else unsafe and dangerous for human health.

You can buy this solid water softening system from here.

Best Water Softening Systems in Australia – Water Softener in Australia


Not only do water softeners make life easier on many levels they also have many health benefits. And not only are they convenient but also actually work really well to change the quality of water. They will positively affect your family’s healthcare budget by preventing family members from falling sick.

The list of the benefits of a quality water softener is long. In this section, we will state the various benefits you will receive from a sturdy water softener. The first benefit and improvement you will be seeing is the health of your skin and hair. Soft water makes your hair and skin soft, and hard water makes it hard. And as the soft water soothes your hair and skin, it also softens clothes. You will undoubtedly notice an improvement in the cleanliness and softness of your clothes.

Another amazing benefit of a high-quality water softener is that it increases the appliances’ life at home. You will see an increase in the life of whichever appliances use water at home. This is because soft water does not cause a build of white material. A lack of build-up increases the functionality and life of the appliances.

Another thing that you won’t notice right but over time is the reduction in your heat bill. Hard water uses more energy to heat up, while soft water heats up quicker and naturally uses less energy. As we mentioned above, hard water decreases the lather of soaps and shampoos and makes them less effective.

With a quality water softening system, the soft water will revive the effectiveness of soaps and shampoos. As the soap and shampoos become more effective due to the soft water, you will also need less of it and save up some more expenses. Hard water leaves stains behind.

With soft water, you will be able to enjoy stain-free surfaces with the cloudy residue left behind by hard water.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Water Softeners? Water Softener Types Comparison: 

There are many different types of water softeners available in the market. However, there are 3 types of water softeners that are the most common. The 4 types are saltwater softeners, salt-free softeners, and dual tank water softeners. Salt-based water softeners are the most common ones. They are also known as Ion Exchange Softeners due to their unique process.

Salt-free water softeners, as the name suggests, do not use salt to soften the water. But they are also not as effective as salt-based water softeners. They do not really soften water. What they do is prevent the hard chemicals from build up in the pipes. Dual tank systems are more advanced and are perfect for a household that houses a large quantity of water.

  • How To Install A Water Softener In Your House- Water Softener System Installation

It’s always better to get professional help to install the water softener. However, to give you an idea, we will share the process of installing one. First, switch off the main water supply. Then cut the pipes just right before the place where they enter your home. This is the location where you need to attach the pipe connection.

Make sure the connector of the system is well in place. Then you need to connect the media tank to the brink tank. You can do this by using plastic tubing. Then use a hose clamp to connect the drain line to the drain elbow. And lastly, you will have to connect the discharge pipe with the water drain.


Having a quality water softening system is beneficial on many levels. It makes your hair, skin, and clothes soft and is just much healthier than hard water. And so, it is essential to choose a water softening system that is easy to install, maintain, and use. And it is even more important to choose one that is durable and suits your need the best.

We hope that the list we have provided you with above will help you make the best choice for you depending on your needs, water consumption, and budget.



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