5 Best Water Ionizers in Australia – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2023)!

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The internet is a reliable place to buy the best water ionizers. The best thing about the web is that you have more options than you can count. If you’re surfing the net to buy one of these machines, then read on.

You have stumbled upon the right page. In this best water ionizers in Australia  review, we will list 5 quality water ionizers for you to choose from. We will also explore the benefits of water ionizers and much more.

Did you know that the water’s pH reflects whether the water is more alkaline and acidic in nature? And did you also know that highly acidic water is harmful to the body?

The more acidic our body is, the more are our chances of falling sick. That is why when you are sick, doctors recommend eating more alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables. And they recommend avoiding eating acidic foods like dairy and meat.

It is the same with water. To thrive and live a healthy life, it is essential that the pH of the water you drink is balanced and leans more on the alkaline side. This is where a water ionizer comes into the picture. This incredible machine helps balance the pH of the water and thus keeps your body healthy.

As we said before, the internet gives you many options to choose from. While that is definitely a significant benefit, it can also be confusing to choose from so many options. To make things easy for you and help you choose the best water ionizers in Australia for yourself, we have made this list.

Our recommendations are based on a critical analysis of each water ionizer, in-depth market research, brand reputation, quality, and customer reviews.

Ionized Water – What is it? 5 Top Picks Best Water Ionizers in Australia

Before we dive into the 5 best water ionizers in Australia, let’s explore some more about ionized water. What is it? To put it simply, ionized water is water that has been treated with an ionizer machine. The ionizer machine consists of two main plates – titanium and platinum.

With the help of the ions from these titanium and platinum plates, the water is ionized. The plates release ions into the water, thereby ionizing it and balancing the pH of the water.

By balancing the pH of the water, the machine makes the water more alkaline. The water that comes from the municipality is acidic as it contains chlorine and chloramine.

Drinking this water can be highly dangerous for human health. This is where an ionizer steps in and makes the water alkaline and healthy for you.

And the ionizer has another benefit. Not only does it make the water more alkaline, but it also purifies the water. It removes the contaminants present in the water, making it safe to drink and use.

Ionized water is also known as electrolyte-reduced water. It reduces the harmful effect of oxidation on the body.

Alkaline Water vs. Regular Water – Is Alkaline Water Better for you than Plain Water?

Naturally, the question arises – why not just drink regular water? What is the difference between regular water and ionized/alkaline water? Though both may look the same, there is a world of difference between them.

The most palpable difference you will find is that alkaline water has a sweet taste. Alkaline water has a unique sweet taste because of the ions and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Theoretically, regular tap water has a neutral pH of 7. But because tap water, especially in the cities, is treated with chemicals like chlorine and chloramine to kill harmful viruses and bacteria, the pH of water leans to the acidic side. On the opposite end, ionized water has electron-thieving active oxygen.

For that reason, we also refer to it as live water. Many researchers also suggest that ionized water has a similar atomic composition to the water that originates at the glacial streams.

The Best Water Ionizers in Australia – Top 5 Picks Water Ionizer

Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer

Tyent ACE-13 Best Water Ionizer in Australia

A few solid reasons make this the best water ionizers in Australia and why this ionizer makes it to the top of our list. Firstly, it comes with an in-built water purifier. So, not only does it ionize water most effectively, but it also purifies the water. It removes mud, sand, sediments, and even rust from the water.

What’s even more impressive about this ionizer is the high therapeutic level of molecular hydrogen.

The presence of healthy levels of molecular hydrogen makes this ionizer really beneficial for your health. And to add to that, it also has a faster flow rate. So, you will get ionized and filtered water quicker than most ionizers in the market.

This ionizer gives you a wide pH range with 3 alkaline levels and 3 acidic levels. So you can use the water for a variety of purposes depending upon your need.

You can use the acidic levels to get water for cleaning and alkaline levels to get water for drinking and cooking.


  • In-built filter
  • Removes contaminants like rust, mud, and sediments
  • Comes with healthy levels of molecular hydrogen
  • Fast flow rate
  • Wide pH range
  • Comes with a touch screen
  • Hands-free flow sensor
  • Sleek design
  • Buy online here

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE-11 Best Water Ionizer in Australia

This is another excellent water ionizer by Tyent. One of the main reasons the Tyent ionizers made it to our best water ionizers in Australia list is because of the brand itself. Tyent is the leading manufacturer of water ionizers in the world.

They have been making high-quality water ionizers for decades and are doing a phenomenal job at it. They are loved and trusted not only in the US and European states but worldwide.

This water ionizer by Tyent is another one of their unique creations. Like all Tyent water ionizers, this one too comes with a solid 3-year warranty. And like all Tyent ionizers, this one also comes with big plates made from high-quality, robust material. This one is an under-counter model. So, it is perfect for those who have limited counter space.

This one gives an even higher pH range than the previous one. It gives you a pH range of 1.7 to 12 with 4 alkaline and 4 acidic settings. What’s even more impressive is that the dual filtration system removes 99.99 contaminants present in the water.


  • Under-counter model
  • Wide pH range
  • Gives you good tasting water
  • Comes with a dual filtration system
  • Easy to install
  • Buy online

Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water Ionizer

Pure Hydration Best Water Ionizer in Australia

If you are looking for a water ionizer to balance your body’s acidic levels, give this Pure Hydration water ionizer a try. It gives you a pH range of 9 to 9.5, which is excellent for balancing the body’s acidic levels. It also provides your body with essential hydrogen molecules that are needed to stay healthy and fit.

Not only that, the ionizer ionizes water so efficiently that it also increases the antioxidant properties of the water. This further adds to the long list of health benefits you will receive when you drink ionized water.

Ionizing the water effectively is not the only way this ionizer supports your health. What makes it the best water ionizers in Australia, is that it comes with an in-built filter that removes 99.99 contaminants from the water.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Comes with an in-built filter
  • Increases antioxidant properties in the water
  • Improves the taste of the water
  • Compact design that easily fits in small spaces
  • Buy on Amazon

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Bawell Platinum Best Water Ionizer in Australia

Another ionizer that we would highly recommend is this Bawell water ionizer. It comes with an elegant and modern stainless steel design. It is easy to use and also highly practical.

One of the main reasons this machine made it to our best water ionizers in Australia list is its fast flow rate. In fact, it is one of the fastest ones on our list. Every 30 seconds, the ionizer produces one-gallon water. So, you won’t be waiting long before you can drink and use this water.

Since parts of the ionizer are made from BPA-free plastic, you can rest assured that your water is in safe hands. And like all the best water ionizers in Australia, this not only ionizes water effectively, it also comes with a dual filtration system. So, while the ionizer balances the water’s pH, the in-built filter removes the contaminants from the water.


  • Comes with a dual filtration system
  • Includes a unique electrolytic antibacterial system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made from safe and high-quality materials
  • Fast flow rate – one gallon per 30 seconds
  • Buy on Amazon

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Air Water Life Best Water Ionizer in Australia

Last but not least, we have this incredible water ionizer by Air Water Life. Air Water Life is a reliable company and one of the leady manufacturers of water ionizes. This ionizer is one of the best-selling ionizers, which gives you a wide pH range of 3 to 11.5.

One of the main reasons this ionizer made it to our best water ionizers in Australia list is its low ORP (oxidation-reduction potential.

It has a low ORP, which means it makes the water abundant in antioxidant properties. And the higher the antioxidants in the water, the more it will help reduce oxidative stress (toxins) in the body. What’s even more impressive about this ionizer is its filtration system. It comes with carbon water filters that can filter up to 4000 gallons of water.


  • Provides 7 water options
  • Low ORP
  • Increases antioxidants in the water
  • Includes carbon water filters
  • Buy on Amazon

What Are the Advantages of Drinking Ionized Water? Is Ionized Water Good For You?

Drinking ionized water has many health benefits. One of the most essential advantages of ionized water is that it is rich in antioxidants properties. So, not only do you get water that is rich in hydrated minerals but also that has antioxidant properties.

The presence of antioxidants in the water is highly beneficial for human health. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress (toxins) from the body and hydrate the body on a cellular level.

So, by drinking ionized water, not only are you hydrating your cells but also removing toxins from your body. And to add to that, ionized water also tastes much better than usual. It has a peculiarly sweet taste that is pleasant for the taste buds. However, the taste of anything is subjective. While some may enjoy this sweet taste, others may prefer tasteless water.

Because ionized water has antioxidant properties, it builds your immunity and keeps harmful bacteria and viruses away. The antioxidant properties also are beneficial for your skin, making it smoother and clearer. The skin’s benefits mainly occur due to the hydrating effect of ionized water.

What Is Ionized Water? Are Water Ionizers Safe To Use? 

Overall, it is quite safe to use a water ionizer. However, like with everything, it too has its drawbacks. The most important thing to be concerned about is the water quality that passes through the ionizer. If the water quality that passes through it is bad and has lots of contaminants, you will most likely develop some health problems.

This isn’t so much because of the ionizers themselves. Anyone who drinks contaminated water will fall sick or develop a health problem whether the water passes through an ionizer or not.

For this reason, many professionals recommended installing a RO system to first purify the water and then ionize it.

First, purifying the water with a reverse osmosis filtration system and then ionizing it has many health benefits. And this combination is the safest. An ionizer with contaminated water isn’t safe, but with clean water, a high-quality ionizer has many health benefits and is extremely safe to use. In fact, it is one of the best waters you can give to your body.

Buying Guide & FAQs about Water Ionizers in Australia – What is the Best Water Ionizers to Buy?

How Do Water Ionizers Work? Is Ionized Water Really Better For You?

Before you buy a water ionizer, it may help to know how it works and what goes into the process. It’s just like anything else you have in the house. Understanding how water ionizers work and learning more about their operation process is highly advisable. These machines are one of a kind and an incredible invention.

The ionizers themselves look a bit complicated. It may be easy to think that the process of installing and using them is complicated. However, it’s quite simple and uncomplicated.

All you need to do is link the ionizer to the kitchen water supply. Once you attach the ionizer to the water supply, you can have ionized water any time you want to cook or drink some water.

The ionizer regulates the low voltage electrolysis on the regular tap water. It’s really simple – regular tap water flows inside the ionizer machine, and when it comes out of the machine, it is ionized. What happens inside the machine, you may wonder? The ionizer itself does not add anything to the water.

All the ionizer does is convert the bicarbonate minerals in the water into hydrated minerals. Hydrated minerals are more alkaline in nature, and thus they hydrate your body on a cellular level.

The human body can easily absorb alkaline fluids rather than acidic fluids. And so, the ionized water is easily absorbed by the body leading to good health and hydration. This process of turning water more alkaline is known as electrodialysis.

When water goes into the ionizer, it goes through one single stream. But when it comes out of the ionizer, it comes through two different streams – acidic and alkaline.

The charged titanium and platinum plates inside the ionizer separate the essential minerals and bicarbonates in the water. So, the alkaline water, which contains vital minerals like calcium and magnesium, comes out of the alkaline stream, and the bicarbonates come out of the acidic stream.

What Are Things I Need To Consider While Buying The Best Water Ionizers in Australia?

Different water ionizers offer different features. While you may not find the same features in all water ionizers, there are few things to look out for if you want to buy the best water ionizers in Australia.

pH Range

One of the most important things to consider while buying a water ionizer is the pH range it offers. The primary function of water ionizers is to make the water more alkaline.

By determining the pH level of the water, you can tell if it is acidic and alkaline. Water with a pH level of 1 is highly acidic. And water with a pH level of 14 is highly alkaline, while water with a pH of 7 is neutral.

Acidic water can be used for disinfecting and cleaning. And alkaline water is perfect for drinking and cooking. As you can see from the list of ionizers we have recommended above, different ionizers offer different pH ranges. So, consider the purpose for which you are buying an ionizer, and then choose an ionizer that can provide you with the pH range you need. To get the best water ionizers in Australia for your needs, check the unit’s ability to change the water’s pH level.

Number and Quality of Plates

As we have mentioned above, the plates play the most crucial role in ionizing the water. The plates separate the acidic particles in the water from the alkaline minerals. So, ensure that the quality of the plates is good.

For the ionizer to be effective and long-lasting, it is vital that the plates are made from high-quality materials. The plates also come in direct contact with the water, which is also why they need to be of superior quality.

Another thing to consider while buying an ionizer is the number of plates in the unit. The more plates the unit has, the wider range of pH it can offer you.

More number of plates means more power. And more power means a higher pH range. With a higher pH range, you can use ionized water for more purposes.

Less expensive units have 5 plates. And the units that cost more have 11 plates. While having more plates is always beneficial, it also means that the unit will consume more power.

ORP Value

ORP, in this context, stands for oxidation-reduction potential. It means the ionizer’s ability to reduce the oxidation level in the body. The lower the ORP, the healthier the water is for you to drink. Oxidation in the human body damages the cells and causes many diseases.

This is why many health professionals recommend eating fruits rich in antioxidants. The same is true for ionized water. As it is rich in antioxidant properties, it reduces oxidation in the body and promotes health. So, choose a unit with a low ORP value. The lower the oxidation-reduction value of the unit, the better unit will be.

Water Filter

It’s also beneficial to buy an ionizer with a built-in water filter that removes any remaining contaminants from the water. Even though units with built-in water filters cost a bit more, they have their benefits and worth the extra dollars.

Another thing you will have to consider is if you want to buy a counter-top or under-counter ionizer. This will depend on the space you have.

If you have limited space on your counter, it is best to buy the under-counter ionizer. Also, choose a unit that comes with an extended warranty period. Ionizers are a big investment, and so a long warranty will ensure that you don’t spend more when you need help with servicing or anything else.


We live in the 21st century, where technological advancements give us many options to make our lives healthier. A water ionizer is one such machine that is exceptionally beneficial for human health.

Water is life, and drinking clean alkaline water that is rich in minerals has many health benefits.

We hope the best water ionizers in Australia we have provided you with above has given you enough options to choose from. And we hope our extensive buying guide has provided you with the essential information you need to make the right choice.

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