Best Water Softener Resins Buying Guide

5 Best Water Softener Resins in Australia – (Reviews & Guide 2023)!

Are you searching for the best water softener resins in Australia and want to buy new ones for your water softener? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right page. Read on.

In this review, we will list the 5 best water softener resins in Australia to choose from. We will also explore the benefits and drawbacks of resins and much more.

All of us, at some point in our lives, have dealt with hard water issues. The problem with hard water is the excess of minerals present in it. Minerals like magnesium and calcium are naturally present in water.

The problem occurs when there are too many of these minerals present in the water. Too much of these minerals makes the water harsh in nature. It damages the pipelines, leaving residue in them and clogs them.

Not only does hard water damage the pipelines, but it also reduces the lifespan of other water appliances like water heaters, kettles, showerheads, etc. To add to that, drinking hard water may also cause health issues. This is where a quality water softener saves the day by softening the water and making it safe for you and your house.

Resin beads are an essential component of water softeners. They are perhaps the most important component as they house the salt ions for softening water that passes through the softener. And as vital as the resin beads are, their quality is equally important. Poor quality beads may wear out faster and may increase your expenses in the long run.

We know that there are many options on the internet to choose from, which can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have put together this 5 best water softener resins in Australia list. Our recommendations are based on in-depth market research, a critical analysis of each resin product, brand reputation, and customer reviews.

5 Best Water Softener Resins in Australia: What kind of Resin is Used in Water Softeners?

AFWFilters SOFRES1 Water Resin

AFWFilters SOFRES1 Best Water Softener Resins in Australia

This AFWFilters soft water resin makes it to the top of our best water softener resins in Australia list for many legit reasons. First, it is one of the, if not the most popular resin in the market right now.

It looks like the typical ion exchange resin. This is one of the resins that is an all-time favorite of the customers. This is mainly because it is safe for residential use and provides an incredible long-time efficiency.

It’s not so feasible for commercial use. But if you are looking for the best water softening resin for home use, then this one of the best. It dissolves suspended materials from the water and removes excess minerals like magnesium, calcium, and iron present in hard water.

What’s even more impressive about this resin is that it can also filter other contaminants from the water. It removes dirt, dust, rust, sediments, and other contaminants from the water. So, the resin not only ensures that you have soft water but also that you have clean and filtered water.


  •  NSF and FDA certified
  • Easy, DIY replacement process
  • Best resin for residential use
  • Removes excess minerals
  • Also filters contaminants
  • Buy here

Aquatrol Water Softening Resin Softener Media

Aquatrol Best Water Softener Resins in Australia

This is another high-quality resin that we absolutely recommend. This Aquatrol resin makes it to the 2nd position in our list after a careful evaluation of its pros and cons. It is NSF certified, which means it meets all the requirements that a safe and effective resin should. It will help transform hard water into soft water and make the water safe to bathe with, cook, and clean.

This resin has an 8 percent crosslink system and can form a mesh for this system. The mesh is quite effective and can trap elements like Sulphur, iron, and other toxic elements.

What we love about this resin is that it does not put too much pressure on the resin bead and so retains its efficiency in the long run. So, not only do you get soft water, but the resin also maintains the efficiency of the whole system.

This is one of the most cost-effective resins in our best water softener resins in Australia list and is guaranteed to give you full value for your money. To top it off, the resin also provides exceptional hydraulic features by giving you optimum flow rates and backwash flow. Its high capacity and exceptional porosity advantage makes it a total show-stealer.


  • NSF certified
  • 8 percent crosslink model
  • Removes harmful elements from water
  • Gives optimum flow rates and backwash flow
  • Maintains the efficiency of the softener in the long run.
  • Buy here

Purolite C100E Resin for Water Softener

Purolite C100E Best Water Softener Resins in Australia

If your water source is your own private well, then this Purolite water softener resin will work perfectly for you and your entire household. Having a private well is wonderful as you have your own private source of water.

However, well, water is known to have high iron content. And the water from wells leaves red iron rust stains.

This high-quality water resin is designed to treat the hardest of waters and to remove large quantities of hard minerals from the water. So, whether your water has large quantities of iron or any other mineral, this resin is guaranteed to do a fantastic job at making the water soft.

With this resin, you can rest assured that the high quantities of iron from your well water will be gone by the time the water reaches your faucets. You and your family can then safely use the well water for drinking, bathing, or anything else. This resin product has been put through many official tests and meets the EEC and FDA requirements.


  • Thoroughly tested by EEC and FDA
  • Designed to remove iron from the water
  • Removes all excess minerals from water
  • Works perfectly for well water
  • Buy here

iFilters Water Softener Resin Media Replacement

iFilters Best Water Softener Resins in Australia

This is another high-quality water resin that we highly recommend. If you were holding back from investing in quality resins due to the high price, you do not have to that anymore.

All thanks to this iFilters resin as it comes at a very reasonable price. But just because it comes at a reasonable price, does not at all mean there is a comprise on its quality.

One of the most cost-effective resins on our best water softener resins in Australia list, this one is also NFC certified and meets all NFC standards. The resin has incredible hydraulic characteristics that allow for a high exchange of salt and hardness ions to take place. And a high exchange means softer and cleaner water.

What’s even more impressive about this resin is its 8000-grain capacity, which makes it ideal for residential use. To add to that, the resin is not only compatible with residential softeners but also works with portable systems present in RVs, etc. So no matter you go, you will have soft water at all times.


  • NFC certified
  • High ion exchange
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly
  • Perfect for residential use
  • Works well with portable softeners
  • Buy here

Tier1 IER-100 Ion Exchange Water Softener Resin

Tier1 IER-100 Best Water Softener Resins in Australia

This Tier1 water softening resin is another premium-quality resin. It makes it to our best water softener resins in Australia list for many solid reasons. Firstly, it contains the 10 percent crosslink system. This 10 percent system is considered to be more efficient and long-lasting. This powerful resin is not only suitable for residential use but also for commercial use.

It works in harmony with almost all water softening systems. So, no matter which brand or model of water softener you have, this resin will work perfectly with it. This resin is also easy to install and involves a simple DIY procedure.

As soon as you are done replacing the resin, the water softening process begins, and within no time, you will have soft water running through your faucets again.

Powered with polystyrene acid cation, this resin is made with high-quality porous gel. The high-quality materials the resin is made with ensures that you have the best soft water that is safe to use for any and all purposes.


  • 10 percent crosslink model
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Works with all water softeners
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Buy here

Water Softener Resin – What Is It And Who It Is For?

Almost everybody has dealt with hard water problems. But hard water would’ve been more of a problem for you if you’re a homeowner. As we said above, the water becomes ‘hard’ due to the presence of excess minerals in the water.

When minerals like magnesium and calcium are present in excess in the water, it can cause some serious problems in the pipelines and damage other water appliances.

However, magnesium and calcium aren’t the only minerals present in the excess in hard water. Depending on where you live, hard water can also have high quantities of zinc, iron, copper, aluminum, and manganese. But you don’t need to worry, as many water softeners are also specially designed to remove iron and other minerals from the water.

If this is your first time buying a water softener or the resin beads, you may be wondering, ‘how do I know if the water is hard water?’ There are many ways you can find out if the water has an excess of minerals in it.

You can send your water for lab testing in a nearby lab or do the ‘do it yourself’ tests at home. You can find plenty of effective DIY tests on the internet.

One of the easiest ways to tell if the water is hard water is by looking at the effect it has on your clothes and utensils. When you wash your clothes and utensils with hard water, it leaves a white film behind. If the water is hard water, you will also find whitish stains on your utensils and kitchen sink.

If you use a water heater or a kettle, using hard water will reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of these water appliances as well. And to add to that, showering with hard water causes further skin and hair problems. Many people have reported skin allergies and irritations, hair fall, and dryness after bathing with hard water.

To protect their pipes, water appliances, clothes, hair, and skin, many people install water softeners. Once the excess of chemicals is removed from the water, it is no more a threat. The water softener contains salts. Once the hard water passes through the softener, the salt ions take the place of the ‘hardness ions’ and soften the water.

How Do The Resins Work? How Does The Ion Exchange Resin Work?

You may be wondering, so where do resins come into the picture? The softeners contain resin beads, which act as a medium on which the salt is present.

The resin beads hold the salts and act as a medium through which the salt ions exchange places with the hardness ions. So, without the resin beads, there would be no medium for the exchange to take – which is why they are a crucial component of water softeners.

We will break it down further so you can understand water softening systems better. Most water softeners come with a mineral tank and brine tanks. Some come with 1 brine tank and others with 2. The mineral tank contains the medium known as resin. The resin houses multiple resin beads of various sizes. Different tanks and brands have different sizes of resin beads.

As we said above, the resin beads contain salts and have an opposite electrical charge. The opposite electrical charge is what attracts the ‘hardness ions’ to exchange with the salt ions present in the resin beads. So, when the water passes through the softener, the salt ions take the place of the hardness ions. The excess minerals stick into the resin beads turning that hard water into soft water.

The resin beads then replace the lost salt ions with more potassium or sodium ions. And when the softener runs for a few weeks, the salt and potassium ions begin to diminish in the resin beads and eventually fully wear out. The resin beads are then full of hard minerals instead of salt ions.

When the resin beads become full of hard minerals, the softener no long softens the water. You may find the water you receiving then has more hard minerals than usual.

Most water softeners regenerate automatically. The brining process gets activated where the salt-brine mixture washes away the hard minerals stuck in the resin, thereby reviving it.

For this reason, it is important that you get a high-quality resin that washes easily and is long-lasting.

Complete Buying Guide on the Best Water Softener Resins in Australia- All You Need To Know! 

Best Water Softener Resins in Australia Buying Guide

What Are the Various Types of Water Softener Resins ?

There are mainly two types of water softener resins available in the market. In this section, we will list the different types of resins available and some helpful information about them.

Standard Ion-Exchange

This type of resin is a common one and is found in most water softeners. From the few types of resins available in the market, the best ones come in two sizes – 8 percent crosslinked and 10 percent crosslinked. These two types of resins are efficient and effective in removing all the hard minerals from the water. The hard minerals may range between 3 to 5 PPM.

As we said, the resins regenerate automatically. During regeneration, they use either chlorine, potassium, or sodium to replenish and recover. Apart from removing hard minerals from the water, resins also purify the water by removing other harmful contaminants like lead, copper, and others from it.

Fine Mesh

Fine mesh resin beads are beads that are small in size and can eliminate minerals up to 10 PPM from the water. Usually, the manufacturers combine the resin beads with activated carbon. This combination significantly improves the taste, smell, and feel of the water.

Because these are small in size, the mesh resin medium may have problems with resin migration. For this reason, it is best to place a single riser screen or a gravel resin bed.


Different resin beads come in different sizes, which is indicated in the crosslink. The connection between the resin beads’ core is a crosslink. It is strengthened by the (DVB) crosslinked Divinylbenzene. There are currently types of crosslinks available in the market.

8% Crosslink

The 8 percent crosslink model has larger resin beads. And as it has large resin beads, it naturally holds more water. Its larger beads are the main reason why this model is the most common model used in most water softeners. They work perfectly with medium to tough water and well water.

The beads in this model are durable and sturdy. However, it is still important to monitor them and check on them regularly. They can sometimes be easily damaged due to oxidation, attrition, etc.

10% Crosslink

The 10 percent crosslink model is mainly present in high-end and premium quality water softeners. They are said to be even more durable than the 8 percent crosslink model beads. They work perfectly in municipal wells. However, they do have a downside. Due to their disposition and size, they sometimes cause higher pressure drops.

Benefits and Drawbacks Water Softener Resin- Best Water Softener Resins in Australia


One of the biggest advantages of using resins is that they aren’t too expensive. The whole set of the water system is expensive. However, just the resins are quite inexpensive and don’t require you to spend any big bucks. Even if you have a larger tank and need to buy more resins, it still won’t cost you much.

And to add to that, the market for resins and water softeners is competitive. There are many options to choose from, and hence the manufacturers offer the best prices.

An important thing to note is that there are different types and models of resins. So, while purchasing the resins, take into account the differences and features of the models and types as it can affect the quality of your water.

Easy to store 

Resin mediums are sold in bulk. So, when you go to buy resins, you will be getting many of them together in high volumes. You will get them in at least 2 kgs. This makes them quite affordable as a one time purchase. Since they come in bulk, you won’t have to worry about buying another batch for many years and can store them together without any hassle.

The resin mediums also come in resealable packs. You can easily store these packs once you are done with them. And due to this, you won’t have to worry about contaminations and possible spilling.


Resin mediums offer you variety as they come in different sizes, materials, and types. Most high-quality resins also improve the taste, feel, and smell of the water. And many other resin mediums have unique additions to offer as well. With many quality options, you can find the one the suits your needs the best.

Excess Salt

If there is one probably issue with resins and water softeners, it is the excessive salt present in them. The salts are an essential part of the process as they take the place of the hardness ions in the water. However, for people who need to watch their salt intake due to health issues, using this system may be counter-productive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Best Softener Resins in Australia;   

  • When Do I Need To Replace The Resin?

The water softening resin mediums last for many years. According to our market research, they last for at least 20 years. Even if we consider the minimum time of replacement, they last for up to ten to twelve years, after which they might need replacement.

Keep in mind that if you feeding the resin with well water that is really hard, then the resin might need a replacement after 5 to 10 years.

  • Should I Clean Water Softener Resin?

Yes, it is important to clean the water softener resin and clean it regularly. You can do it even better with a resin cleaner, which is also easily available on the internet. If this is your first time cleaning the resin, then refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual on how to clean it.


Resin mediums do not need to be replaced as often as the salts. You need to replace them only after a few years. However, when it is time to replace the resin mediums, you need to replace them with good quality ones. Having good quality resin mediums can improve the quality of your water drastically.

We hope our 5 best water softener resins list has given you enough options to choose from. We also hope that our elaborative buying guide has given you enough information to make the best choice for yourself.

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